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Under construction, look at the Swedish page: Besök Museet


Under construction, please look at the Swedish page:   Besök Museet

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Town: √Ąngelholm

Street: Drakenvägen 5

GPS: N 56,28804  O 12,84597

Free parking.

Do not follow the roadsigns to
√Ąngelholm Airport (Flygstation)




√Ąngelholms Flygmuseum has its origin in the F 10 Fighter Wing¬† museum that was established at the initiative of captain Sven Sj√∂holm. During several years he¬† took care of older expired equipment from the Wing , including objects from the time at Bulltofta airfield in Malm√∂ 1940-45. At some point the opportunity arose to exhibit the collection in a 60 m2 barrack. This original small museum was inaugurated on January 13th 1984. However, this soon became too cramped, and the new solution was in 1994 another larger barrack on the parking lot at the Wing staff buildning.

When the close down of F 10 was initiated in 2002, a febrile activity started in the Comrade Association, and the planning of the current museum took place. The former Air Base area, that now was administered by governmental Vasakronan, got the possibility to rent parts of hangar 83, which had been built in 1945, when F10 moved from Malm√∂ Bulltofta to √Ąngelholm.

June 15th 2004 the former chief Brigadir General Bertil Bj√§re cut the ribbon and declared the initiation of √Ąngelholms Flygmuseum together with the F 10 Kamratf√∂rening’s members, sponsors and especially invited people. June 19th the museum opened to the public. About 7 000 visitors came the first summer, and nowadays the museum has about 20.000 visitors per year.

The museum is mainly run on a voluntary basis by a number of 70 members from the F 10 Comrade Association, that today holds approx. 2.000 members. The essential contribution to the operating costs¬† come from visitors’ entrance fees.


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